Fanteria - A place to meet

Fanteria is more than a place to work. It's a place to meet, socialize, develop and - last but not least - enjoy life.

Our aim is that Fanteria shall foster creativity, diversity and growth both at personal and professional level.  The roots of the property goes back to Christian Michelsen and imposes a responsibility on all of us to retain and continue its history in a good way.

Outdoor flags and banners

Outside our main entrance our tenants’ flag and/or international flags can be raised on special events.

Outside our main entrance our tenants’ flag can be raised on special events. It is tenant’s own responsibility to make sure that his flag is clean and in a proper condition.

In addition, tenants hosting international events can choose between the following national flags:

Parking electric cars

As the number of electric vehicles soon will exceed the number of parking places with battery charging stations we strongly encourage all our tenants to show respect and flexibility in their use of charging facilities.

Before you place your car at one of the charging stations, please consider whether you really need to charge.

Please show flexibility and let your parking place be available for your colleagues if your batteries are sufficiently charged.


Many of our salad bowls and dishes seem to disappear in a mysterious way.

If you should see salad bowls at some of the local kitchen desks that exist at Fanteria, please ensure that they are returned to the Fantaurant as soon as possible.

Maintenance issues

Do you need any maintenance assistance? Or do you have questions or comments related to the daily operation of our property, such as equipment that does not work or tasks that should have been done?

Bergen Eiendomsforvaltning (BEFAS) is our partner in the day-to-day property management at Fanteria.

All weekdays except Wednesdays a representative from BEFAS will be available at our offices and ready to assist with technical matters.

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