At Fanteria we have our own restaurant, the "FANTAURANT," offering delicious food and friendly service.

OPENING HOURS: 11.00 - 13.00

The restaurant plays an important role both as canteen for the tenants and as arena for our social life. 

News and messages from the Fantaurant are published at NEWS FOR TENANTS

Food and refreshments for meetings at Fanteria can easily be booked by using the order form at FOOD AND DRINK RESERVATION.

The Fantaurant can be rented by tentants for events alone or in combination with the auditorium. For rental prices please see our price list.

Guests using our Fantaurant are charged according to a cost-based price structure with a fixed price per lunch. To what extent the guests need to pay for lunch privately, depends on what type of agreement they have with their employers. 

In general, the payment routines work as follows:

The keycard that is used to open the doors is used to pay for lunches in the Fantaurant as well. 

Loading and refilling the keycards with cash is done at the bank terminal located outside the Fantaurant entrance. 

Those who have an agreed part of the lunch cost covered by their employer must ensure that their keycards are sufficiently charged to cover the private part of the cost. An amount equal to the private part will be deducted from the card when registering at the terminal in the Fantaurant. 

Check with your employer which scheme applies to you.

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