Tenants at Fanteria

Bergen Energi is an independent provider of services within energy procurement and management of energy portfolios.  Typical clients are medium-scale and large energy consumers, from small SMBs to large multinational corporations. 
Christian Michelsen Research (CMR) conducts research for industrial development. CMR offers its clients analyses of complex issues, as well as solutions, through prototypes and demonstrators. 
Fish Pool is an international exchange for financial salmon contracts. Fish Pool ASA is licenced by the Norwegian Ministry of Finance to operate as an Regulated Marketplace for commodity derivates with fish and/or seafood as underlying products.
  EnSol acts as an intermediary between large scale industry and academia, as well as carrying out its own fundamental research developing and commercialising energy solutions and distributed renewable power generation for the end user.
Gexcon is an independent consulting company operating in the field of gas and dust explosion.  Gexcon is a company in the CMR Group.
  Hammertech was established fall 2009 as a spin-off company from the University of Bergen based on extencive research by Professor Erling Hammer, Institute of Physics and Technology. Prof. Hammer has been involved in several commercialisations throughout the last three decades. The company has a close relationship with the University of Bergen, and is located at Nyskapingsparken Incubator, Bergen, Norway.
Institutt for Energiteknikk - Institute for Energy Technology (IFE) - is the research institute for energy and nuclear technology in Norway. IFE has two research nuclear reactors, in Halden and at Kjeller.
Lerøen Datapartner is a supplier of ICT solutions to small-and medium-sized businesses. The company offers standard hardware and software products and a range of supplementary services such as implementation, operation and maintenance, support, programming, customization and consulting.
Prototech is a provider of technical solutions, product design and manufacturing services covering application areas from space to consumer products. Prototech is a company in the CMR Group.
  Purenco - formerly Straumekraft - has developed a new technology that solves the most significant challenges in wave energy. The Purenco’s WEC (wave energy converter) is designed for surviving extreme waves, and at the same time being highly efficient in average waves.